Prophecy Will Bring You Peace and Awaken Hope in These Tough Times

The world is living through unprecedented times. Businesses are shut down. People are quarantined. States are on lockdown. COVID-19 is all over the news. People across the nation are looking to the future with uncertainty and anxiety. But there's good news. The Bible has proven itself a source of hope in dark times throughout history. The Bible's prophecies have been proven 100% accurate throughout history and they share with us what we can expect in the near future.

Now you can understand biblical prophecy in a way that will offer hope to you and your loved ones—all from the comfort of your home.



David Klinedinst

Television personality and international speaker, David Klinedinst, will be broadcasting a message of hope in these troubling times. His passionate style has blessed and engaged audiences across 5 continents. You'll discover the power of the Bible's prophecies found throughout the pages of Daniel and Revelation, understand the hope that comes from seeing the Bible predict the future with 100% accuracy, and uncover crystal clear truths that will help us survive the crisis today. 

  • Speaker for Discover Bible Prophecy Ministry
  • Sermons appear Christian television networks around the world
  • Spoken on 5 continents
  • Passionate and engaging style
  • Makes prophetic themes of Daniel and Revelation easy to understand


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