Meetings begin nightly at 7:00 PM (except Mon. and Thur.)


What is it?

Forecasting Hope is an online streaming Bible seminar with the goal of spreading a message of hope into our communities. This multi-night series is designed to walk the viewer through the undeniable truth of biblical prophecies that have already come to pass and encourage a deeper exploration in the prophecies from the Bible that have yet to come.

This series is perfect for people that have felt a sense of anxiety or fear in the current world climate, people want to better understand prophecy, or those that want to discover the Bible's relevance to our world today.


Each online meeting will be roughly 60 minutes in length. The first meeting begins April 18 with the topic Bible Prophecy and the Signs of the Times. Subsequent topics continue through May 16. For a full schedule, please click here.


Right in the comfort of your home. You can view this meeting from any smart phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

How do I participate?

Participation is simple and free. Just register to join and we'll send you log-in information along with a reminder of the times for each meeting. It is that simple. Already registered? Click here to log in. Otherwise...



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