Introducing Forecasting Hope

An Evangelistic Series for Weary Church Leaders

Thank you for considering Forecasting Hope for your fall evangelistic event! We know that you’re tired, and maybe even overwhelmed. With all the changes, ministry just takes more effort right now. We are all learning to live in this new normal in real-time, and it can be exhausting.

But this is a unique evangelistic moment. The pandemic is leading many people to consider their faith in new ways. A resurgence in biblical curiosity is sweeping North America in ways we haven’t seen since the turn of the century.

Could this be the most important evangelism window of our lifetime?

As the pandemic alters all of our lives and economic instability breaks down the securities that many have relied on, the Bible has become the focus of curiosity to a new generation. Searches for biblical topics such as End Times and The Second Coming have risen to an all-time high, including searches 5x higher than in any previous year. Many churches feel this sense of urgency to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, but are left without the tools to provide this message to their community in the midst of the stay-at-home orders around the country.

That’s where Forecasting Hope comes in.

Designed to run like a modern NET meeting, Forecasting Hope is an online, multi-night evangelism series that runs October 9 through November 2. This series is designed to answer questions and dig into biblical truths without the need for fancy technology run by your church. Built in the midst of COVID-19, this Christ-centered, relational and hope-filled series of messages will appeal to the hearts of those filled with fear and anxiety.

Partnerships & Support

Forecasting Hope is available to any church within the North American Division. This event is offered in partnership between the Chesapeake Conference and SermonView Evangelism Marketing, with the support of Columbia Union Conference.