How Does It Work?

A modern take on the classic NET meeting

Chesapeake Conference has partnered with SermonView Evangelism marketing to create an online event that draws interests from your local community and connects you with these interests immediately. This new system tracks nightly attendance automatically and allows your interests to request books and prayer throughout the meeting—with each request going directly back to your church for follow-up, so your volunteers can build relationships with each of them.

How is this different than other national online meetings?

This new platform gives you access to all of your interests and their attendance in real-time. Now you can decide how to interact with your guests outside of the formal meeting. You can email or message guests who miss a night. Or send a link to a Zoom small group meeting for people in certain zip codes. The system is extraordinarily flexible, and it all works automatically without you or your team entering attendance data by hand.

Forecasting Hope will be the first national event to automatically handle everything from registration to attendance-tracking with one simple platform. This new system is easy to use and requires no technical skill.

As a registered church you will receive:

  • An account in InterestTracker. Manage the interactions of each interest and assign interests to specific volunteers or team members. You can manage tasks, interactions, decisions, and more all from one simple-to-use interface.
  • A 90-day account for AttendanceTracker. This subscription-based module allows a church to track attendance for any event directly in the InterestTracker software. We’re including a 90-day account for all registered churches (a $99 value).
  • A personalized registration site. You can collect registrations for this event and each is automatically added to your InterestTracker account.
  • Nightly Event Reminders. Every registrant will receive a reminder by email and/or SMS text message before the nightly event. This reminder will direct your guests to your custom check-in page (see below).
  • Check-in System. Your guests will receive a link from their reminder notification that will take them to your event's check-in screen. Once they check in their attendance will be noted immediately in your AttendanceTracker/InterestTracker account. If you don't want to use our dynamic streaming page, your check-in screen can direct people to any content link, for churches that want to host the event using Zoom or another content delivery platform.
  • Dynamic Streaming Page. No more Zoom or Facebook Live (unless you want it). Your dynamic streaming page will show each nightly video and offer engagement tools with information that will go direct to your church. Prayer requests and book requests flow directly into InterestTracker's offer request system, without any manual data entry.

This complete platform handles every technical aspect of the meeting—allow you to focus on personal connections with your guests.