Forecasting Hope's Message

The World Has Changed

We live in a radically-changed world.

A global pandemic has overwhelmed the healthcare systems of many countries, leading to a shutdown of society. The resulting economic calamity has thrown tens of millions of people out of work and bankrupted millions of businesses. In the midst of all this, social unrest has taken hold throughout the country, as people protest unjust actions and policies that disproportionately hurt people of color. The very fabric of society seems to be ripping apart.

Present Truth for Today

It is in this environment that David Klinedinst will share Bible truth for today. Reminiscent of the old NET Series from the ’90s, each online meeting will be roughly 60 minutes in length, and utilize broadcast-quality professional messages.

People have questions. The Bible has answers. This Christ-centered, relational, and hope-filled series of messages will appeal to the hearts of those filled with fear and anxiety.