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Oct. 9

Bible Prophecy and the Signs of the Times

Oct. 10

The Prophecy that Proves God is in Control

Oct. 11

The Prophecies of the Second Coming

(Book offer: Confidence in Chaos by John Bradshaw)


Oct. 13

Revelation Forecasts 1000 Years of Peace

Oct. 14

Revelation’s Great Controversy

Oct. 16

70 Weeks and the Coming of the Messiah

Oct. 17

Running Out of Time

Oct. 18

The Law Anti-Christ Hates

Oct. 20

Revelation’s Worship War

(Book offer: When God Said Remember by Mark Finley)


Oct. 21

Revelation’s Seven Seals

Oct. 23

When Death Dies

Oct. 24

The Prophecies of Revelation’s Anti-Christ

Oct. 25

Burying the Past and Starting Over

(Book offer: I Will Give You Rest by Elizabeth Talbot)


Oct. 27

America and the Mark of the Beast

Oct. 28

Revelation’s Remnant

Oct. 30

Revelation’s Two Women

Oct. 31

At All Cost

Nov. 1

The End of Sin

Nov. 2

Revelation’s New Heavens and New Earth